Audience OS for Instagram (Notion Workspace)

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Audience OS for Instagram (Notion Workspace)

Nishant Modi
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Very naively I quit my job to become an entrepreneur back in 2020.

A big mistake and I'll tell you why.

I immediately started building a product, because, as they say "customers will come if you build a great product".

Heck no!

My first learning was - that's not how it works. This is what you need to do.

Build an audience of people who have the problem you want to solve. Without an audience, you will only hear crickets. Trust me.

As the famous founder of Twitch, Justin Kan puts it, "First time founders are obsessed with product. Second time founders are obsessed with distribution."

Do you know, how many first-time founders, entrepreneurs, or creators fail? About, 9 out of 10. That's right.

And I was one of them. But things changed for me.

I chose a social media platform i.e. Instagram (because it's great for consumer-focused entrepreneurs). I spent 100s of hours and dollars going through blogs and courses. It helped.

I acquired over 25K followers within 6 months and many potential customers among them.

There were just common themes in all my learning from various blogs, videos, and courses and I along with my small team, just codified them into a system aka Audience OS. You are welcome!

Audience OS is a Notion workspace for Instagram accounts.

Audience OS makes it nearly impossible to fail at growing your Instagram followers. Specifically, it helps creators and entrepreneurs grow from 0 to 1000s followers without wasting 150+ hours on learning Instagram growth hacks.

And we put our money where our mouth is…

30-Day Mandatory Refund Policy: If you aren’t totally in love with Audience OS if you don’t get unreasonably excited by it and see it as the best path to growing your followers, I require you to ask for your money back. And you get to keep the plan and training.

ROI Guarantee: If you don’t increase by 1000 new followers in the first 3 months of using Audience OS, we don’t deserve your money. We’ll give you a full refund. All we ask is that you give it an honest effort.

Audience OS costs only $49 with lifetime access. This gives you the Notion workspace with lifetime updates along with access to a private community and newsletter for support.

This is what you get with Audience OS:

Pillar #1. Growth Marketing Engine

This includes templates for setting up your marketing foundations, brand style guide, content engine, and growth strategy. You’ll be able to set up your plan and execute it on daily basis without any fuss.

Pillar #2. Operations Management

You’ll never struggle with managing your account with templates to manage your offerings, teams, and tasks. Keep all your marketing documents and guides in one place for yourself and others.

Pillar #3. Private Community

It also covers unlimited access and support from Audience OS experts and other similar people going through the same journey as you.

Pillar #4. Personal Support

We will help you onboard with a 15-min call at your convenience. Additionally, we can help you set up your workspace, build your content strategy, create content or even manage your entire account if you choose our custom plans made for you.

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Does this work on the free version of Notion?
Yes. Once you've made the purchase, we will send you a link to duplicate this to your Notion workspace. You don't need to be on Notion's Personal Pro plan to use it.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you feel like the audienceOS hasn't provided you with any value, just send us an email and we'll give you a full refund within the first 30 days. The only thing we ask is that you let us know how we can improve.

Can I duplicate this database to share with my team/friends?

No. This is a personal license for individual use. If you want to purchase more, we may offer up a discount, just send us an email with your query.

Any other questions?
Email us, nishant@audienceos.com or visit Audience OS

P.S. If you're a student, from a low-income country or can't afford this for any reason, please reach out to me and I'll do my best to make it work for you!

This product is not currently for sale.

24 Notion templates. Access to private community. Build your audience on Instagram fast and consistent.

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