Instagram Audit in 5 minutes: Free

Nishant Modi
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Have you ever searched for Instagram marketing on google? You have. You’ll find plenty of tips on blogs and Instagram courses if you do. They are a fairly good way of growing your followers on Instagram. No, wait! Really?!

It will take you about six months just to understand and learn all that stuff.

So I’ve come up with my own, highly irresponsible, sloppy way of learning and growing followers fast on Instagram - at the same time. This has worked for me wonderfully. I was able to get to 25k followers within 6 months. Nice, right?

It has two steps to it, and the first step is auditing your current method. Don’t worry, the great part about this step is that it takes about 5 minutes. With all the time you save, you can binge-watch on Netflix.

The neat thing about Instagram Self Audit Test (let’s call it ISAT to make it easy) is that it’s easy to check against each of the questions.

You don’t have to figure out what you are doing right or what you are doing wrong. Just tick the box against each question and you are golden.

A score of 100% is perfect, over 80% is tolerable, but less than that and you’ve got serious problems. The truth is that most Instagram accounts would score less than 30%, you have got an opportunity here.

Of course, these are not the only factors that determine success or failure on Instagram, if you are able to create great content or earn the likeability of your audience, who can stop you.

But, all else being equal, if you get over 90%, you’ll not do bad at all.

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Instagram Audit in 5 minutes: Free

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