Instagram Jumpstart

Nishant Modi
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Your Instagram success starts here.

Very naively I quit my job to become an entrepreneur back in 2020.

A big mistake and I'll tell you why.

I immediately started building a product, because, as they say "customers will come if you build a great product".

Heck no!

My first learning was - that's not how it works. This is what you need to do.

Build an audience of people who have the problem you want to solve. Without an audience, you will only hear crickets. Trust me.

As the famous founder of Twitch, Justin Kan puts it, "First time founders are obsessed with product. Second time founders are obsessed with distribution."

I chose a social media platform i.e. Instagram (because it's great for consumer-focused entrepreneurs). I spent 100s of hours and dollars going through blogs and courses. It helped.

I acquired over 25K followers within 6 months and many potential customers among them.

There were just common themes in all my learning from various blogs, videos, and courses and I along with my small team, just codified them. You are welcome!

This course is designed as a challenge.

Here is why.

Imagine, on the first day of music school the instructor says “here is the guitar and chords, please go and make good music!”

Wouldn't that be stupid?

Unfortunately, that's what most of the courses are. The chances of someone succeeding are less than 1%.

So, this 10-module course will teach you how to set up your system for success.

The goal is to teach you how to consistently create content, that will get people to engage and follow. Simple.

Your mission:

  1. Read and understand. Read the copy, which teaches an Instagram marketing lesson.
  2. Complete challenge. Replicate what you learn for your own account. There will be strategies, systems, and content.

And GROW!!

I want this!

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Instagram Jumpstart

0 ratings
I want this!