Notion Founder Home

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Notion templates you need to turn your passion into a company

Are you a creator, entrepreneur, or someone just exploring a side hustle?

Not being organized will significantly delay your dreams from becoming true.

This simple collection of templates can organize your idea and company.

The difference between successful founders and dreamers is a system that helps them be on track. The question is are you serious enough? Get this system now.

What's in it for you?

Organize your concept into a company.

Easy management of everyday tasks.

Share it with potential co-founders and team members.

What are you waiting for?

Purchase the Notion Founder Home for an introductory price of $5. From October 2022 the price increases to $15.

Upon purchase, you'll receive Notion templates.

What's included:

✔️ Video walkthrough of templates

✔️ Setup your company "About"

✔️ Manage your offerings

✔️ Define your roadmap

✔️ Manage your team and hiring

✔️ Manage every task possible

✔️ Catalog your notes and ideas

✔️ Develop your brand

✔️ Manage guides and resources

This is the most simplified set of templates you can ever find.

There is no better place than Notion to organize yourself. It's free too.

Get it now for $5 only.

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Notion Founder Home

4 ratings
I want this!